Model who ‘begged to die’ after being hit by car shares despair as driver fined


An OnlyFans model begged to die after she was run over by a smirking drink driver.

Emily Down went on a 12-hour bender after being let off with just a fine for running over model Finley Taylor as she walked her dog in Ammanford in Wales on May 30 this year.

Down was more than four times over the drink drive limit when she hit Ms Taylor with her car, launching her into the air.

She had to undergo emergency services and have stitches in her leg.

But Down escaped with just a 28-month driving ban and a two-year community resolution order.

She was also ordered to complete 250 hours of unpaid work and pay a fine of £153, costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £95.

Down – who has been described as a “party girl” told Llanelli Magistrates’ Court she was “sorry” when she was sentenced, but allegedly was heard celebrating with friends.

One neighbour claimed the group could be heard “whooping and singing” throughout the afternoon.

Ms Taylor told how she begged passersby who stopped to help her to let her die, but now feels lucky to be alive.

She accused Down of “smirking” as she pleaded guilty to the charges and said the defendant showed “very little emotion other than being vaguely irritated by having to be there.”

Ms Taylor said: “It’s really disappointing. I think she should have got so much more. I am not living my life as I was before this happened to me.

“The convictions she has received are better than I expected her to get. But it didn’t seem to matter to her.

“She got up and walked away happily, whilst I still have to use my cane to get around. She broke me that night, and has barely faced justice.

“When my personal statement was read out, she showed no emotion when she heard that I had begged the people helping me that night to let me die, or to just kill me to end the pain.

“There was no emotion when she heard that in that moment I wished she had just killed me. No emotion.

“Her defence lawyer said that she wanted to apologise to me. No apology was put forward or attempted.”

Ms Taylor said she has had to give up her work as an adult model for online subscription site Only Fans.

In the days after the incident she said: “I can’t describe how bad the pain was. I didn’t even see the car coming, I was just in intense pain and scared. As I lay there I recall being sure I was going to die […] I was begging the rugby players to let me die.”

She says now, however, she is still making progress in her recovery and has appointments to attend for her injuries.

Ms Taylor said: “My left side is still in some pain and I’m not walking as I should be. My leg is now free [from bandages] but I’m still very sore. I don’t know how long it will be until I’ve recovered.”