Profitable Transactions Only Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are a tool that makes it easy for every payment transaction. In addition to making it easier to pay, there are a number of activities that can be done more easily with credit cards, such as online hotel bookings, airline ticket purchases or other online transactions. This, of course, provides many benefits for customers. There are many benefits to customers ranging from ease of payment, low-interest rates, discounts and promos offered.

However, today there are still many people who are still hesitant to use credit cards to meet their daily needs, one of them is because each person has different economic principles or knowledge about credit cards. It turns out that not all credit cardholders know how to use a credit card that is safe and does not make debt accumulate more. If you are smart and observant, you will be able to get the maximum profit from your credit card.

Save money with a credit card at the supermarket

Save money with a credit card at the supermarket

In modern times like today, supermarkets or hypermarkets have become places for meeting household needs that are easy and complete, from vegetables to the latest smartphones. When other people are busy carrying cash, credit card holders don’t need to bother carrying cash when shopping.

For supermarket visitors who use credit cards as a means of payment, usually, they will get a variety of benefits that are often offered, one of which is a substantial discount/discount. Currently, there are many supermarkets that collaborate with certain credit cards, and even become co-brands of several credit card issuing banks.

So some facilities, such as discounts, promos, to cashback will be given to credit cardholders. Some co-brand credit cards also often offer interest-free installments or 0%, and offer cashback for all purchases, or a 5% discount when buying items labeled specifically.

I take the example, for example, you will get a 5% -10% discount if you use the Bank X Credit Card to shop at supermarket Y. This usually happens, because supermarket Y has established a business relationship with bank X. From this cooperation they will provide lots of profitable offers, such as installments of goods without interest, discounts, vouchers, or free certain items, and others.

Not to mention the massive promos and cash back options to credit card holders from the issuing bank. Cashback applies to some of the products purchased, or even to all products purchased so that it will save monthly spending money of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Book a Hotel Room Easier and Cheaper with a Credit Card

Book a Hotel Room Easier and Cheaper with a Credit Card

Perhaps you often see several special prices offer advertisements for hotels and lodging rooms on television that offer promos and discounts to credit card holders of certain banks. This special offer can be utilized when booking hotel rooms, especially if the rooms booked are classified as star-rated hotels.

With special discounts and discounts staying at the hotel, then your vacation and your family will save more than millions of dollars depending on how big the promo.

In general, discounts are given if booking a hotel with a credit card is done online via the internet. For example, a stay of 1 room per night is IDR 400 thousand, and you get a 20% discount, then you will save up to IDR 80 thousand per night. If you stay a week while on vacation, then the savings made reach Rp560 thousand, so the cost of traveling is lighter in the bag.

Book a Safe and Comfortable Flight Ticket with a Credit Card

Book a Safe and Comfortable Flight Ticket with a Credit Card

For people who often board flights and travel long distances to various destinations, they can use credit cards, so that they get various benefits such as hotel bookings, flight ticket purchases and so on. You will get a cheaper ticket price by transacting using credit cards at some of these airlines.

Currently, many airlines are aggressively promoting and discounting credit card users from certain banks, because these airlines have established business partnerships with the credit card issuing bank.

In addition, usually, you will also get travel insurance contained in 1 package provided by the credit card issuer. Even some credit card issuers have issued co-brand credit cards, so you will get mileage points or frequent flyers that can be exchanged for free flight tickets.

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